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Making Servant-Leadership Relevant

Northern Servant-Leadership Conference 2018


Making Servant-Leadership Relevant


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Servant-Leadership is an effective, positive and progressive way of managing organisations and is highly relevant in today’s world.

People love being part of an organisation that adopts the principles and practices of Servant-Leadership.


But its voice has not always been heard. 


We want to change that and help organisations consider a leadership outlook that’s far removed from a sub-optimal, command & control approach. Cracks are appearing in the old leadership paradigm, a new response is needed, we believe Servant-Leadership is the ideal response.


Bringing Servant-Leadership into your organisation will improve it. It Your clients and customers will be served better, your people will have a more rewarding career and a more attractive place to work, and you will serve the community in which you live and work.


Why you should join us

You will hear engaging speakers and enjoy interactive discussion with the other delegates, sharing experience and insights . You will learn from your peers, many of whom have experienced Servant-Leadership in practice in their working lives.


What you will discover

You will discover the value of becoming a Servant-Leadership organisation

You will discover what Servant-Leadership in an organisation really looks like, the benefits and challenges of adoption.

You will locate some of the individual actions necessary to create a Servant-Leadership culture in your company or workgroup.


What you will take away

An understanding of how Servant-Leadership works in organisations

An appreciation of the benefits of being an SLO

Some Ideas of how Servant-Leadership could look in your own organisation

A feeling of motivation for taking the next step in bringing S-L into your organisational life

Conference 2017


Conference Report - "Leaders Talking" April 2017


NSLC3 held a well received conference on Servant-Leadership in April 2017. The conference was designed to promote the use of Servant-Leadership in organisations, with the emphasis is on making organisations more effective and more rewarding to work in.


Each main speakers was asked to talk about the way they led their organisations and to share with the delegates their experiences in leading and managing people - the challenges they have faced and successes they have achieved. After each leader's talk there was a facilitated round table session at which certain themes of Servant-Leadership, arising out of the main presentations, were drawn out and discussed.


Ed Norman


Before the three leader/speakers we heard an impassioned presentation from Ed Norman about the importance of Servant-Leadership to organisations. He stressed the importance of being realistic and professional in seeking to introduce Servant-Leadership and described the mindsets, attitudes and approached needed to make Servant-Leadership really flourish in the organisational context.


Val Hewison (facilitation by Sue Hanson)


Val gave a very moving account of her journey into leadership. She has built up and is the CEO of a charity which cares for carers in Leeds. Her commitment to those carers, and to her team of employees and volunteers who serve the carers, shone through in her presentation.


Val is highly motivated to find all the people her charity can care for, and is determined to give those helped the best possible experience.

Justin Gallagher (facilitation by Ed Norman)


Justin described the many ways in which Servant-Leadership is important to Work AnyWare. He really stressed the importance of people. Firstly by making extensive efforts to ensure that the right people recruited - those who fit the culture and "get" Servant-Leadership. Secondly by keeping people happy and fulfilled both in their work and in the sense of community the firm achieves.

Robert York (facilitation by Andrew Walsh)


Robert is CEO of the arm of the Sisters of Nazareth which operates their care homes. Robert explained that Servant-Leadership is the bedrock of the way they operate. The care homes, initially founded and run by nuns, exemplified values of true care, respect and service to the inhabitants. When the care homes were later set up as a company, the sisters wanted their values to be maintained in the new, more commercial context. They decided to use Servant-Leadership as their basis and it has been fully and successfully implemented there.


Robert explained how this worked in practice and how important it is that everyone fully understands and lives by service and caring. He gave a copy of their most interesting and informative staff handbook to each delegate.

Ralph Lewis/Charlie Foote


Ralph and Charlie sought ideas fro the audience about how Servant-Leadership might develop in the North of England and listed the practical steps we can take to achieve our vision.



After the conference discussions carried on in he local bar, and the informal feedback was that the conference had been a good an valuable one. We didn't collect formal feed back, but we did receive many emails of support from the delegates in the days following the conference.