NSLC3 is a community interest company set up in 2017 to promote Servant-Leadership in the North of England.

Our 2020 Conference will be held online this year, click below to get your ticket.

'Working With Servant Leadership' Conference


NSLC3's main intentions are:

  • To run an annual conference in Leeds

  • To build a supportive community of like minded people

  • To establish a centre where supporters can interact

To help in these aims we are actively considering a certification scheme for Servant-Leadership Organisations (SLOs), and providing workshops on the practicalities of becoming and developing as an SLO.

Servant-Leadership is a philosophy and a method of building organisations which results in better delivery of the organisation's purpose, happier and more fulfilled people, and spin-off benefits to our wider society.

The basic principles are:

  • Leading from a standpoint of service

  • Serving others in their best interests

These basics, together with a clear purpose and a clear set of values lead to these features of an SLO:

  • A focus on delivery of the organisation's purpose

  • Ethical behaviour - doing what is right

  • People well treated, engaged and fulfilled

  • Potential employees are attracted and stay

These features are enhanced by certain practices which are observed in SLOs:

  • Team working

  • Sharing power

  • Building community

  • Unconditional mutual support

  • Good treatment of all individuals

  • Stewardship and long term thinking

  • Fun

  • Contribution to wider society

The benefits are:

  • You become a great place to work - people are keen to join you, and, once employed, stay 

  • You get the best ideas and creativity from your people, and the most commitment to implementing them 

  • You get the best, most engaged and committed work from your people, and in doing so you achieve excellent delivery of the organisation's purpose. 

  • People cooperate effectively, perhaps the the most effective force for enhancing delivery

  • Your people really want to really serve and support your client base; you build a great reputation